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TPM is a highly specialized Workers’ Compensation specialist dedicated to providing our clients with competitive options to meet all of their Workers’ Compensation needs. In these difficult economic times it is critical that your expense be managed as efficiently as possible. In many industries, Workers’ Compensation insurance is second only to payroll in overall expense for an organization. It is important that this expense be managed to peak efficiency at all times. Through our potpourri of products and services, TPM has the ability to meet the need of our agents and insured’s in even the most unique circumstances.

Insurance is complex, clients’ needs are unique and the insurance market experiences cycles that will create the need for different products and solutions for your unique clients. We have products to meet any of your clients needs. We may be entering a hard or soft market and you may have a large account that needs an alternative solution such as a captive – we can do that. You may have a middle market account that has improved their loss experience and wants out of the State Fund – we can help with that. Our products range from a Home Healthcare Programs ranging from small agencies to large agency accounts; to Skilled Nursing Facilities; to traditional insurance carriers for most classes; to alternative risk options; to the State Fund. We are experts in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and California, but can offer insurance in almost any state.

We also educate our clients on controlling their Workers’ Compensation costs and providing a safe workplace for their employees. We do this through our understanding of how insurance works and how claims impact costs. We not only pass this knowledge to our agents and insureds, but we pride ourselves on helping them implement these cost saving initiatives. The bottom line is that we will analyze your clients’ experience and give you honest opinions of what your expectations should be. While many will over promise you and under deliver, we will only make promises we can keep.

We know you have options and want you to be as informed as possible when helping your clients make decisions. You can call us with questions at anytime. We know the more educated you are, the more likely you are to come back to TPM.

Thomas Pasquale
Vice President




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